Testing of Corrugated Fibre Board Using Edge Crush Tester

Testing of Corrugated Fibre Board Using Edge Crush Tester

Why Edge Crush Test is Important?

Corrugated boxes are popularly used in packaging industry. They are cost effective means of storage and transportation. To make them a reliable mean, it is important that they are tested prior of any usage and mass production. Edge crush test is one test that tells a lot about the properties of corrugated boxes. Presto’s edge crush testing machine is standardized as per the procedures mentioned in the international standards. A specimen cut out is taken from the lot and many important things are to consider while preparing the sample. A major point that needs to consider while performing the test is to cut the test sample with sharp and parallel cuts to match it exactly with the perpendicular faces.

Edge crush test determines the compressive strength of the corrugated fibre board. This value is further used for designing the corrugated boxes. Here are some benefits of Edge Crush Test listed below.

  • Every industry sets its internal standards and to assess the performance of the fibre board as per the standards, it is important to perform the edge crush test. This test helps in determining the whether the fibre board is as per their internal standards or other standards industry is following.
  • Measuring the properties is very important to decide their right application and to analyse their behavior. If properties are unknown to the manufacturer, it may lead to the failure of the product during transit or during storage.
  • While choosing the raw material for manufacturing, it becomes important to test the material before incorporating it into mass production. Material testing is important to determine the quality of the raw material. Visual observation is not enough when producing on large scale.

Presto’s Edge Crush Tester

Presto Stantest is the leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging testing instruments. We are leveraging the experience of 3 long decades to innovate our edge crush testing machines and other corrugated material testing machines. The testing instruments are designed under the strict supervision by following the standards for best output. This also helps the customers to believe that the machines will offer highly accurate and reliable test results.

Also, CFBs undergo other types of crush testing which are an extension of edge crush test. Flat crush test and ring crush tests are also performed to determine the other important properties of the material.