Analysing strength of corrugated shipping boxes performing Edge Crush Tests

Analysing strength of corrugated shipping boxes performing Edge Crush Tests

Corrugated boxes face a lot of strain throughout the packaging, shipping and storage. At the time of shipping, the bottom or the sides are subjected to damage due to forces or weights on delivery vehicles. Packaging industries are facing a lot of challenges related to client satisfaction and acronyms. Selecting appropriate corrugated carton for loading material, setting it with the proper cushioning item and shipping it, can be an easy task but it becomes confusing in case of choice to be made from a variety of corrugated boxes. The thickness and quality of paper influence corrugated construction. Bad quality cartons will collapse soon and too strong cartons are expensive as more material is needed to manufacture it.

The Edge Crush tester is used to examine the strength of the corrugated boxes which is designed as per testing standards. To get more performance and value from corrugated boxes, edge crush test is performed as per industry standard for corrugated box testing. To provide the best products, tests need to be performed in detail to assure the quality of packaging products. An ECT is the best method to evaluate the quality of corrugated material.

An edge crush test or ECT is conducted to evaluate the durability and strength of a corrugated box. ECT measures the box resistance strength and its capacity to withstand crush. The edge crush tester determines the compression strength of the sides of corrugated boxes, solid fibre boxes etc. by evaluating the paper used in making such boxes. Besides ECT, it also tests flat crush test and ring crush tests based on standards.


The user-friendly testing equipment gives an accurate reading on a digital display, effective key lock to prevent unauthorised resetting, electro-mechanical loading system, chip-based display for accuracy in test results, various fixtures for edge crush, flat crush and ring crush tests etc. The Edge crush tester is available in two models that are digital cum computerized.

The method to use Edge crush tester includes the sample of the corrugated box to be placed on the clamps. The force is applied on the walls of the sample with predefined pressure having particular speed. These boxes tend to get damaged at the time of transportation due to its poor quality.

Presto Edge crush tester provides high-quality machine to measure the quality and strength of walls of corrugated boxes. The equipment is designed to perform three types of test namely ring crush test, edge crush test and flat crush test, all in one machine only.