Bottle Burst Tester for PET Bottle Quality Testing

Bottle Burst Tester for PET Bottle Quality Testing

PET plastic bottles have a great demand in the market for their safe and high-quality results. The PET products like bottles, jars, cans, etc. are used in the industries like medical, chemical, food and beverages etc. These products are non-reactive in nature, therefore, maintain the best level of hygiene of the product. To deliver the best quality of the product along with hygiene and safety, the manufacturer performs the packaging test.

While manufacturing, packaging, and other processes, many tests are performed to derive the best quality and result. The Bottle Burst Tester or is designed to test the strength of PET bottles. It is the testing equipment that is used to control the resistance to expansion and bursting of PET bottles. For the best and qualitative results, it becomes necessary to perform the test by a trusted brand. Presto, being a reliable name in the testing instruments brings the technically advanced Bottle Burst Tester with easy-to-use operations.

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Purpose of Performing Bottle Burst Tester

Bottle Burst Tester is a specialized test instrument that is used to test the resistance of PET Bottle to rupture under certain pressure. The only purpose to perform the bottle burst test is to measure the resistance of the bottle to burst under certain pressure. In this procedure, high pressure is applied to the bottle to evaluate the performance of the PET Container.

How This Procedure is done?

In this procedure, the PET containers are pressurized with air in the burst testing device. The Pressure is applied until the bottle meets the testing limits. The various testing cycle can be programmed with multiple pressure standards for different test records. With the help of state-of-art manufacturing, experience, knowledge, and practice of experts, Presto is capable of providing a customized version of testing machines as per the need of various manufacturing industries.

  • The pressure is reproduced and increased to determine the point of bursting.
  • The test program is selected and the cycle of performing the test starts automatically.
  • The touch screen displays the pressure value in real-time, burst pressure, and records the maximum pressure applied to perform the test.

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