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Determine Soda Bottle Burst Pressure with ASTM C147-86

Soda bottle burst test is a common and vital quality control test in the bottle packaging industry. The pressurized gas locked inside the bottle exerts high amount of pressure on the container walls. Poor quality or low resistance bottle may not be capable enough to take that amount of pressure and burst out. This is why it is important to conduct a test process which can ensure that the bottle material is strong enough to take the required amount of pressure. Leading brands use only standardized equipment such as Digital bottle burst tester for testing the quality of Soda Bottle.

The bottle burst testing machine is a highly advanced and new generation model for checking the bottle or container performance in real-time pressure. It evaluates the rate at which a bottle’s volume expands under specified amount of pressure. The test apparatus is designed following global test standards used for burst test such as ASTM C147-86 (2015). The bottle specimen is subjected to increasing pressurized air inside the chamber. During which the resistance capacity is noticed against the bursting pressure.

It smartly evaluates the volumetric expansion of PET containers under pressurized conditions till the bottle burst or rupture. Equipped with digitalized display for higher accuracy in test results, the equipment promise zero error in calculation and data report. The display screen has bright LED lights installed on it for a clearer vision during low light conditions. Pneumatic force or pressure delivery is used for conducting the test which assures no human interaction and less chances of errors.

Strong specimen clamping facility in the burst tester is its renowned property. The specimen placement space is flexible in nature and a wide variety of shapes and sizes can be fit inside. Weather a long neck or small size portable bottles, any shape can be tested inside for burst resistance.

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