Best Quality Testing Solutions For Elastomers

Best Quality Testing Solutions For Elastomers

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There is a big requirement of elastomers in Industries like electrical networks, footwear, tires, heat insulation, etc. The products that are constructed using elastomers are subjected to very high stress. Hence, it is necessary to test the quality of the elastomer products so that it could be determined whether the product would be able to bear the high amount of stress or not. Therefore, it is expected from an elastomeric product that can get back to its original shape and size even after undergoing a huge amount of pressure and compression. There are various properties that should be tested to assess the suitability of the product for certain working conditions. These properties include tensile strength, impact resistance strength and compression strength of the elastomers or rubbers.

Various Instruments Used in Rubber Industry For Material Testing

The reputed manufacturers of testing equipments offer the topmost quality of testing solutions in the form of machines to fulfill the requirements of material testing. Similarly, there is a wide list of testing machines that are manufactured to test the quality of elastomers and rubber. All the properties of the rubbers and elastomers that can be tested with the help of high quality of testing instruments include Bennewart Flex Tester, Accelerated Weathering Tester, De-Mattia Flex tester and many more.  Few of them are described here in brief:

Bennewart Flex Tester –

Bennewart Flex Tester is widely used in rubber industries to test the flexural property of elastomers. The instrument generated extensive and rigorous flexing of rubber sample in the horizontal direction. This helps the manufacturers to study the properties and effect of flexing on the surface of the rubber. This helps the manufacturers to make essential changes in the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of the products.

Accelerated Weathering Tester –

As elastomers and rubber products are used in everyday life, it is important to test the effects of weathering on rubbers and elastomers so that the life and the properties under specific environmental conditions could be judges and analyzed easily and efficiently. This can be tested with the help of high quality accelerated weathering tester which helps to study the effect of weathering and degradation process of polymers under controlled conditions.

De- Mattia Flex Tester –

It is another elastomer testing instrument which is used to determine the flexural property or the effect of flexing on the rubbers to ascertain the quality of the rubbers.

Apart from these products, there is a wide range of instruments that can be easily purchased from the reputed elastomers testing instruments manufacturers to test the properties of the elastomers.