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Ultra low – Deep freezer

ULT - 244

Presto’s Ultra low Deep freezer is equipped with CFC-free refrigerators, and air cooled compressor. The methods are installed to provide a consistent flow and efficient cooling in the cabinet. The machine is equipped with high capacity air cooled condensers with washable condense filters, and aerodynamically shaped fans keep the inside environment free from fine dust to maintain cooling efficiency.

Presto is involved in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of Deep Freezers. The machines are designed to meet the challenging to all the biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology and engineering laboratories that have a constant requirement of storing the chemical and biological samples in deep freezers.

Presto’s Ultra-Low-Temperature Deep Freezer provides an approach to test the mechanical behavior of rubbers or polymers at low temperatures.

The primary stages of the test method involve ascertaining an acceptable technique for testing at low temperatures. The very first step to specify the temperature and the time to expose the test sample. It has been established that any one or more of the following dissimilar changes can take place to lower the test temperature.

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    • The machine is equipped with type freezer of dimension 14 inch x 14inch x 14inch with temperature range up to minus 200C ( Models Up to -860 C are also available)
    • The freezer ensures accurate temperature control and holdover potential.
    • The machine is incorporated with digital electronic temperature indicator cum controller that allows easy readability.
    • The machine is made up of stainless steel from inside that helps to maintain the temperature and helps to clean the instrument easily.
    • The outer body is of galvanized sheet painted with epoxy paint.
    • The apparatus includes standard size dual wheel castors for effortless mobility.
    • The machine has a double gasket seal between the cabinet and the lid.
    • Power supply of 220 – 240V/50Hz is required to operate the machine.
      • Least Count/Resolution: 0.1ºC
      • Temperature Range: -10 ºC to -60 ºC (As per Request)
      • Number of Sample racks: 2
      • Temperature Control: Pt-100 sensor

    • The machines require minimum power consumption.
    • The instrument is fitted with key locks.
    • It supports efficient ventilation.
      • Temperature control through PT-100 sensor
      • Highly accurate test results under uniform cooling temperatures in the chamber
      • High Grade imported Glass Wool insulation
      • Maximum Thermal Efficiency by insulation means.
      • Bright LED display

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