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Testing Automobile Coating Resistance to Harsh Weathers

The industry of automotive parts and components are very attentive when it’s about the painting and coating of parts interior or exterior. Cars, or other automobiles are very much sensitive to distinct type of environmental changes like the effect of light, UV radiations, rain water, relative humidity etc. other than these climatic factors, coatings are often get affected by external impacts like sudden collisions and hard scratches.

Manufacturers take careful steps towards the maintenance of paints. They believe the coating should be highly resistant in nature to any sort of conditions. In this blog, we will learn how using Xenon test chamber can help in inspecting the weathering behaviour of automotive painted layers or coatings. Distinct testing procedures are conducted by the third party vendors to make the parts suitable for using in cars.


The leading automobile production company conduct weathering tests on the entire body using huge xenon test chambers. Whereas, some tests the automotive parts or components in laboratories by imitating weathering situations. The coated metal part is kept inside the chamber for testing and assessing under distinct climatic conditions. These test are very important to conduct to assure the highest quality of the product to the customer.

Another way of conducting the test is to destroy the sample first and cut it out in smaller pieces and then expose the same to extreme imitated conditions. This procedure will in estimating the tear resistance nature of the coating layer. For example, when the paint is getting worn off from the bumper corner section. Xenon Test Chamber imitates extreme climatic conditions within the chamber including the effect of raining, heating, direct light, humid weather, condensation etc.

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