Strength Of Rubbers Used In Footwear-Bennewart Flex Tester

Test The Flexing Strength Of Rubbers Used In Footwear With Bennewart Flex Tester

Footwear industry nowadays is growing with an increasing rate. As people has become more aware of the ongoing style and fashion trends, they demand for the elegant footwear to live a trendy life style. Footwear also helps the users to live a comfortable life hence the users are not ready to compromise with the quality of the products. This has pushed up the manufacturers in footwear industry to use best manufacturing practices along with quality assurance strategies at every level of production so that high-quality of end product should be delivered to the customers.

This strategy also helps the manufacturer in footwear industry to survive in the highly competitive world. The major property of the footwear that explains its quality and strength is the flexing strength of the Rubber sole. The continuous flexing of the sole at the time of use initiates cracks and degrade the quality of the footwear. Hence, to ensure the quality of the footwear the manufacturers must test the flexing strength of the rubber soles. The best way to test the quality of the rubber soles is Bennewart Flex Tester.

Bennewart Flex tester is the best flexing rubber testing instrument that creates continuous flexing in the rubber specimen to judge the flexing strength and quality of the rubber soles.  The instrument provides the relevant information regarding the resistance offered by the rubber material against continuous and rough flexing.  To know more about the instrument, feel free to contact us.

Presto manufacture highly reliable Bennewart Flex Tester as per the test standards provided by various standardization authorities. The lab testing machine offers repeatable and accurate test results.