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Scuff Resistance Tester

PSR - 292

The phrase scuffing means the surface of an object against another object. Presto’s Scuff resistance tester is used to estimate the rub resistance of printed matters and other labels. Here, rub resistance stands for the damage takes place through rubbing. The testing instrument is used mainly in paper and packaging industries to calculate color consistency of coated or printed surfaces while rubbing.

Scuff is defined as the process of rubbing the face of one material in the face of other material. Rub resistance is the damage which has taken place through the rubbing of labels. Presto’s scuff resistance tester is used to rub the surface of two printed materials against each other at the same speed, at the same time on the same plane, under a stable rubbing pressure. In manufacturing units, the rub resistance testing instruments can be used in Paper & Packaging verticals to determine the color transfer from coated or printed surface during rubbing.

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Specifications/Model Digital
Display Digital Counter
No. of Cycles 0-9999
Accuracy ±1%
Sensor Type Proximity
Weight on Sample 1psi & 2psi (1+1)
Sample Size 48mm and 120mm Diameter
Power Supply Single Phase 220-240V AC, 50Hz.
Motor Single Phase gear motor, HP- 1/4, RPM – 1440
Paint Mild steel Powder coated Havell Gray & Blue combination finish and bright chrome / zinc plating
Control Method Digital Preset Cycle counter
Sample Type Labels/Printed Paper/ Stickers
Industry  Paper & Packaging

    • The testing equipment helps to check two sizes specimens having diameter of 2 inch and 4.5 inch. The testing sample is kept on the base of the instrument with printed side up.
    • 2 psi test weight (1psi + 1psi) is duly attached with the machine.
    • The scuff tester has a digital preset cycle counter.
    • Number of cycles can be set from 0 to 9999.
    • The machine requires power consumption of single phase, 230 Volts, 50 or 60Hz.
    • The body of the instrument is fully powder coated with chrome finish.
      • Least Count of Counter: 1
      • Rotational Speed 60 rpm
      • Lower Motor capacity ¼ HP
      • Display: Digital (LCD)
      • Safety Lock: Yes (with upper clamp)
      • Sample Preparation templates: 2

    • Mainly used in the paper and Packaging Industry for printed matter or labels put on boxes, bottles and laminated packaging.
    • It provides repeatable, fast and correct results.
    • Easy to operate.
    • Equipped with automatic buzzer that prompts automatically when analysis is terminated.
    • High efficiency.
    • Requires low maintenance.
      • Motorized Weight arrangement on plunger for noise free working
      • Highly accurate test results under uniform load and specified diameter.
      • Uniform load by weights on test sample for evenness in testing
      • Provision of Set number of counts through Digital Preset Counter
      • Firm hold of test specimen by circular clips/clamps
      • Motorised Geared system for scuff movement
      • Digital Presettable counter up to 9999 counts
      • Highly accurate and precise results under uniform load and rubbing clamp movement
      • Accurate rpm of rotating discs using synchronous motor
      • User-friendly electronic controls and ergonomically designed feature

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