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UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester

PSPL 855

The UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester is a highly efficient and easy to use a testing instrument that can be used for accurate analysis of the effect of the weathering factors on a material or product. The Factors like moisture, sunlight, temperature, etc. can cause degradation of the polymers such as fading, cracking, flaking, etc. In order to ensure long life and better performance of the products, it is important to test the effects of the factors on a particular product or material. The instrument is provided with a fluorescent UV light that can exactly emulate the effects of the sunshine, while the water spray and condensation function can easily replicate the rain and dew factors. The temperature and irradiance can be controlled easily. The testing procedure is generally conducted under strong irradiance of ultraviolet light with up to 100% humidity. The instrument is easy to operate and provides an economical way of testing the materials and products. It is an ideal testing instrument for textiles, paints, rubber and plastic industries.

Most of the raw materials that are used in various industries experience the degradation of quality due to the natural environmental conditions and elements like Ultraviolet, moistures, sunlight, etc. This has great effect on the durability and performance of the polymers. It is important to test the effects of these factors on the polymeric products to make sure that they would be able to survive through the rough environmental conditions and factors. The UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester offered by Presto is one of the best testing instruments that can provide stable and repeatable testing results for the effects of weathering on a product.

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    • The light source used for the instrument is UV-A with a wavelength of 340 nm and UV-B with a wavelength of 313 nm.
    • There are 8 pc of Bulb with Power rating 40W are provided with the instrument with an average life time of 2000 Hrs.
    • The range of irradiance offered by the instrument is 0.1 W/m2 to 1.0 W/m2.
    • The range of temperature offered by the equipment is Black panel temperature that is Room Temperature + 10°C ~ 100°C.
    • The instrument offers a temperature stability of ±2ºC.
    • The internal chamber is made from high quality stainless steel-SUS-304.
    • The external body is made from mild steel duly powder coated.
    • The instrument has a capacity of 48 pieces of standard specimen with dimensions of 75 x 150 mm or 15 samples of 100 x 300 mm dimension.
    • The power supply needed for the instrument is 220V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz. Maximum current for the machine is 15 A.
    • Water supply is adjustable from 0 to 4 Liter Per Minute.

    • The instrument is provided with original UVA and UVB lamps that ensure repeatability and accuracy of the test.
    • The irradiance in the system can automatically be controlled with the help of a closed loop system in the model PSPL 856.
    • The irradiance can easily be calibrated along with spray and condensation function.
    • Provided with a water spray and condensation function.
    • Instrument is also provided with many alarms and protectors such as Creepage protection, break protection etc.
    • Can be easily controlled through touch screen.
    • Easy data transfer with the help of high speed USB interface.
    • The machine uses UV lamps that offers original testing light source, as compared to another type of lamps including Xenon Lamps, UV lamps are more accurate and stable.
    • The instrument offers more repeatable testing results that can be achieved easily and helps to reduce the running cost.
    • Designed especially and tested with most serious quality control.
    • Different fluorescent UV lamps are meant to fulfill the requirement of the various application in various fields.
    • Irradiance controlled automatically (within closed loop system)
    • Alarm and protection feature: Creep-age, water breaking, overloading, over temperature

    Standards :

    • ISO – 4892-3:2013
    • ASTM D 4329-13
    • ASTM D 4587-11
    • ASTM G-151-10
    • ASTM G-154-12a
    • BS 2782-5: Method 540D:1995
    • JIS D 0205 – 1987
    • J2020 – 200302

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