Test The Flexibility Of Your Footwear With Shoe Sole Flexibility Tester

Test The Flexibility Of Your Footwear With Shoe Sole Flexibility Tester

The rubber goods are used in various applications like tires, toys, footwear, etc. Out of these applications, the major application where rubbers are used as an essential material is Footwear. The footwear industries make use of best quality of material rubber as a most valuable material which is mandatory to manufacture quality footwear. We also know that the quality of the raw material explains the quality of the final products. Therefore, it is compulsory for the manufacturers in the footwear industry to use only best quality of vulcanized rubbers so that best grade of safety and comfort can be provided to the customers in the form of high-quality footwear.

Problems Usually Occur with Shoe Soles

The footwear soles have to bear a lot of flexural forces and pressure during its working life. If the quality of the rubber soles is not elastic and flexible, it will affect the strength and elasticity property of the rubbers and crack the surface of the sole. This will explain that the quality of the rubber is not up to the mark and is not perform for the footwear. Therefore, the manufacturers must ensure that the material they are using only best and standard quality of material for production that have sufficient flexural strength and can bear the flexing forces for an extended period of time.

Shoe Sole Flexibility Tester – Best Key to Measure Flexural Properties

To test the flexural strength of the footwear soles against the flexural pressure or force, Shoe Sole Flexibility Tester is the best and premium quality of testing machine which produces sufficient amount of flexural oscillatory movements to test the elasticity and flexibility of the rubbers or shoe soles. The testing machine produces flexural movements in a vertical direction at the time of the test so that the effect of flexing on the material surface can be examined and inspected easily.

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