Analyze The Flow Of The Granules With MFI Tester

Analyze The Flow Of The Granules With MFI Tester

The Flow Of The Granules With MFI Tester

Plastic Testing plays an important role in every manufacturing sector to enhance the quality of the production. There are a large number of manufacturers who offers a range of plastic testing instruments. 

These plastic testing equipments are manufactured under strict supervision and as per the standards explained by popular standard authorities. It is the duty of the manufacturers to produce high quality instruments to fulfill the requirement of the quality conscious customers.

The first step to test the quality of plastic is to test the quality of granules or plastic resins. The quality of the granules is tested with the help of widely used testing instrument known as Melt Flow Index Tester. The instrument helps to measure the flow rate of thermoplastics in order to maintain the uniformity of the polymers. The testing instruments are equipped with a microprocessor based temperature controller. The instrument easily calculates the Melt flow rate and melt volume rate of thermoplastic granules. The test adheres to melt-flow resistance test standards.

Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer of laboratory testing equipments offers a wide range of plastic testing instruments like MFI tester, color matching cabinethumidity chamber and many more. The technocrats at Presto believe in producing high quality products to fulfill the requirements of the customers and believe in maintaining the flawless standards in terms of quality to make a benchmark in the niche all over the world.