Ensure the Melting Rate of Plastics with MFI Tester

Ensure the Melting Rate of Plastics with MFI Tester

If we observe the world, we will find that we are completely surrounded by the plastics. Plastic nowadays are used in almost all production verticals due to various benefits such as its unbreakable strength, non-reactive nature to chemicals and acids, molding strength, etc. Plastics are widely used in beverage industries to pack carbonated drinks, beverages, cooking oil, milk, etc., in cosmetic manufacturing industries, for refilling of shampoo, moisturizers and all beauty products, in pharmaceutical industries to pack medicines, syrups, etc. With the wide usage of plastics in all production verticals, it becomes a major responsibility of the manufacturers to ensure the strength of the plastics using high-quality testing instruments so that best quality material can be delivered to the customers.

The quality of the plastics can be measured in a better way by determining the melt flow rate of viscosity of the plastics when they are heated to a certain temperature for certain period of time. It helps to ascertain the molten properties of the plastics which are quite essential to determine before manufacturing any material from plastic. The Plastic Melt Flow Index is the widely used testing machine which is designed and manufactured for the same.

How to Measure the Melting Properties of Plastics?

MFI is a useful testing tool which is used in plastic industries and PET & Preform industries before manufacturing the PET bottles, containers, etc. The commonly used materials that are manufactured using plastics include toys, furniture, packaging products, toiletries, etc. The quality of the plastics can be measured easily used Melt Flow Index Tester. It is a reliable testing machine which is used to evaluate the flow properties of resins and offers precise and high-quality test results. This is best lab testing machine which is widely used in different plastic industries to calculate the Melt Flow Value precisely. Melt Flow Index Testers are available in the market with a different specification to fulfil the requirements of a large number of customers.

Presto Stantest manufacture high-quality of Melt Flow Index Tester as per different standards that are set by national and international standardization authorities such as JIS K 7210, IS 10810- 1984 (Part 23), IS 2267 – 1995, ASTM D2839 – 10,  IS 2530 (1963), ASTM D1238 – 13.

Technical Specification of Presto’s MFI Tester


  • Diameter of piston head: 47 mm diameter
  • Length of piston : 35 mm length
  • Diameter of heating tube cavity: 095mm±0.005mm,
  • Weights: 2 kg, 2.16kg, 3.8kg, 5kg.
  • Sample cutting: Manual & Automatic.
  • Paint: Powder coated.
  • Temperature Range: Ambient to 400ºC.
  • Timer:Cyclic timer with settings1 to 999s
  • Power: 230 Volts, 50 Hz, single phase