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Laboratory Oven for Heat Treatment of Plastic

The heat treatment of plastics also known as Annealing and Normalizing process is a fundamental stage to guarantee tight resistances in plastic material while accuracy machining, holding and polishing and to abstain from breaking and crazing. Heat treating additionally takes out inside strain or stress and guarantees better mechanical and heat properties. Without this basic heat treatment process using a Hot air oven, it is basically difficult to create accurate plastic parts to precise resistances.

It is a remarkable test equipment intended to distinguish the modification in physical qualities of material and to discover the real working nature of testing specimen at lifted temperature. Temperature control through PT-100 sensor. High level of precision can be seen on test results under uniformly distributed temperature inside the chamber.

High quality imported Glass Wool protection is used for complete insulation. Maximum level of Thermal Efficiency delivered with insulate material. Digital based Microprocessor software is equipped along with PID temperature control. Inbuilt Auto tuning feature. Provision to set PV and SV value. Equipped with faster air flow technology with German Imported fan for uniform and homogenous heating and keeping up temperature inside the chamber. Vent for constrained air changes and alignment facility. Inbuilt Calibration highlight with reference to ace PID controller. Bright LED display screen.

Setting to RTD PT-100 sensor through cutting edge PID controller. Feather smooth controls. Uses Forced air flow, heat convection guideline, performs different kinds of tests like maturing, heat disfigurement, pressure set, heat treatment required in elastomer and plastic businesses. To initiate the test one just need to place the plastic samples on the tray. And close the door. Doors are equipped with lock to seal the inside chamber. Set the parameters and switch on the test.

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