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Measure the Coefficient of Friction in Plastic on Glass

Plastic films are often placed on glass material for packaging purpose. But low friction plastic will never be placed on glass material instead will slip down and fall. Therefore testing the plastic film quality before mass production is vital. The test equipment like Coefficient of friction Tester is used to perform friction test.

The testing instrument is considered ideal for performing COF (Coefficient of friction) testing of plastic on Glass. It determines the static and kinetic friction of material. Suitable for plastic films or other types of sheets when they are sliding on a similar material surface or on other surface. The instrument design complies with various international test standards including ASTM D618, ASTM D 883, BS 2782, and ASTM D 1894.

Has a microprocessor based digitalized display screen for test read-out. It converts the applied friction or sliding forces into numerical values precisely. The machine evaluates sliding and starting friction of tested material. There are separate slider blocks to perform distinct mode of test, like sample to sample, sample to glass or metal etc. Tight sample clamping has been ensured.

The specimen will never slip away during the test process as they are clamped using fly screws. Installed with hardened thread screw to have a Compressive force clamp. To initiate the test, operator needs to place the test specimen on a block and tie it to the sliding section. When the slider will start moving pulling the block, the first sight of frictional force at which the block started moving will be noted.

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