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Xenon Test Chamber PSPL 866

PSPL - 866

Most of the polymers and elastomers are greatly affected by the environmental factors which have a remarkable effect on the duration of the polymer. To assess the lifecycle of a polymeric product in an open environment, it is essential to use a proper testing instrument that could accurately evaluate the effects of the weathering factors on the properties of the polymers when the products are exposed to them for a significant span of time. The Xenon test chambers offered by Presto is an ideal testing solution that is used by the industries.

The xenon test chamber is an ideal instrument that is used for testing of polymeric products for effects of weathering factors. The instrument utilizes a xenon bulb which emits an energy spectrum which replicates the actual sunlight and has an approximate color temperature of 6000K. The xenon bulb has a stable character hence the characteristics of the light spectrum emitted by a xenon bulb never change throughout the life. The xenon test chambers are used for testing the weathering resistance of coating, polymers, elastomers and plastics.

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    • The bulb used for testing is of rating of 1.8 KW.
    • Daylight filter is provided with the instrument.
    • The exposure area of the instrument is 1000 cm3.
    • The capacity of the instrument to hold the specimens is 9 pieces.
    • The instrument has an adjustable irradiance range from 0.35 W/m2to 120 W/m2.
    • The temperature can also be adjusted from 30°C to 80°C.
    • The instrument runs on a power supply of 2220V 50/60 Hz and 12 Amperes.

    • The instrument is provided with a xenon arc bulb with high performance and long durability.
    • The equipment has a stable and repeatable operation. The instrument is easy and simple to use.
    • The instrument is in compliance with all the international and national standards and is provided with a conformance certificate.
    • The instrument is also provided with a user guide and manual for simple operation.

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