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Why Testing Instruments Are Important For Automobile Industry?

When we talk about the automobile industry, the first thing that comes into our mind is metal. Although, many high-end cars and two-wheelers have started to use alternates like Carbon fibers. Despite many advantages, metal is still a dominating part of the automobile industry. In India, automotive market has grown to a large extent and the surprising part is that strict safety standards are followed, even small scale manufacturers invest huge money in setting testing labs. Presto group is a leading supplier of testing instruments in Rajkot, Chennai, Mumbai and many other cities where automobile parts are manufactured and quality is assured.

Most of the biggies involved in automobile industry export their vehicles, which is why their testing according to international standards is required to be done. Apart from their subjected conditions, it is also important to test whether these vehicles would be able to survive the transporting conditions. Not only temperature based tests, there are many other tests that are performed to check the tensile strength, scratch resistance, thickness testcompressive strength test, etc. These are some commonly performed test. For instance, if a hatchback car is being manufactured and assembled in India and exported to Sweden, it should withstand the hot and cold transition, safety standards of the country and environmental changes during the transit. Therefore, every part, from fasteners to air bags… everything should pass the quality check test.
If we talk specifically about Rajkot, it is famous for the casting of local diesel engines industry. Engines are the heart of any vehicle be it LTV, MTV or HTV vehicles. Any sort of discrepancy or error is not acceptable. Testing lab is incumbent part of manufacturing unit, especially in automotive. Some manufacturers prefer to get their testing done by external lab while there are many who set up their own instruments and do it on their own.

For diesel engine manufacturers, the metal testing lab needs to be set up. The industry experts of Presto group can provide support in installing testing instruments in Rajkot and adjacent area. All you need to do is, send your requirements to our experts. They will get back to you, have a word with you and help you in setting up a lab as per the demand of your industry.

All the instruments are in compliance with international standards. ASTM, JIS, BIS, JASO are followed while designing the testing instruments. These standards define, how to create a simulated environment for measuring the accurate behavior of the test samples. Every instrument is accompanied with an instruction manual, describing the standard operating procedure according to international standards.

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