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pH / mV / ORP / Conductivity / TDS / Salinity / Resistivity/ – (LCD Display)

The TDS meter measures the total dissolved solids in a solution. For example, the salts and minerals cause high conductivity of solutions which is measured and calculated as TDS. The instrument is useful for the lab testing to test the dissolved solutes and as well as for the industrial lab to check the minerals. The device has pH modes, ORP mode, and Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity Mode.

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For TDS measurement, the conductivity of dissolved solids is calculated when conductivity is multiplied by a conversion factor. The TDS means the total weight of all solids in a solution,  including ionic solids that contribute to conductivity. The non-ionic solids do not contribute to conductivity. The device helps to empower various water sources. The higher reading on the water may indicate the more things dissolved in water.

    • The pH range is -2.000~20.000pH with accuracy  ±0.002pH
      • The resolution is 0.1, 0.01, 0.001pH
      • Between one to five calibration points, USA, NIST, DIN Standards
      • The temperature Compensation 0~100°C, 32~212°F (Manual or Automatic)
    • The mV Range -1999.9~1999.9mV with accuracy ±0.2mV
      • One calibration point (only for Relative mV mode) with calibration range ±200mV
    • The conductivity range is 0~20.00, 200.0, 2000µS/cm, 20.00, 200.0mS/cm with accuracy ±0.5% F.S
      • One to five calibration points with calibration solutions 10µS/cm, 84µS/cm, 1413µS/cm, 12.88mS/cm, 111.8mS/cm
      • Temperature Compensation – 0~100°C, 32~212°F (Manual or Automatic) with temperature coefficient – 0.0~10.0%/°C
      • Linear or Pure Water is compensation mode
      • Cell Constant K is equal to 0.1, 1, 10
      • Normalization Temperature – 20 or 25°C
    • The TDS range is 0~10ppt (Max. 20ppt, depending on factor setting) with accuracy – ±1% F.S
      • The TDS factor is 1~1.0 (Default 0.5)
    • The salinity range is 0~10ppt (Max. 80ppt) with accuracy – ±1% F.S
      • The Measurement Mode is Seawater or Practical Salinity
    • The resistivity range is – 0~100MΩ with Accuracy – ±1% F.S and resolution – 0.01, 0.1, 1
    • The temperature range is – 0~105°C, 32~221°F with accuracy – ±0.5°C, ±0.9°F and resolution – 0.1°C
      • One calibration point with calibration Range – measured value ±10°C

    Other Specifications

    • Manual or Automatic Hold Function
    • Low or High stability conditions
    • The calibration due is between 0 to 31 days
    • The Manual or Automatic (10, 20, 30 minutes) power off
    • The Reset Function is Yes
    • Memory storage is up to 500 data sets
    • The USB Communication Interface is available
    • BNC, 6-pin Mini Plug with LCD display
    • The power requirements are DC5V, using AC adapters, 220VAC/50Hz
    • The dimension of the machine is 210(L)×188(W)×60(H)mm with weight 1.5kg

    pH mode

    • The highly accurate benchtop multiparameter water quality meter has a large backlit LCD display.
    • There is one to five push button calibration that have auto-buffer recognition.
    • The pH buffer standards (USA/NIST/DIN) are selectable, and custom calibration solutions can be used
    • Automatic electrode slope display helps to determine if the sensor requires replacement.

    ORP mode

    • The displayed value can be adjusted to a known standard with the help of the single point offset calibration.
    • Accurate ORP readings are provided with the relative and absolute millivolt measurement modes.

    Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity Mode

    • There is one to five points push-button calibration with auto-buffer
    • The cell constants (0.1/1/10) are selectable, normalization temperatures 20/25 degree Celsius, TDS conversion factors, seawater and practical salinity measurement modes are available

    Additional Features

    • An accurate reading is provided over the entire range due to the automatic temperature compensation feature.
    • Regular meter calibration is frequently prompted with Calibration Due Reminder.
    • Current measurement status is automatically indicated by the stability indicator.
    • Easy view and recording of measured value as Auto-Hold function freezes the readings.
    • Temperature deviation is corrected with manual temperature calibration.
    • Different application requirements are fulfilled with selectable temperature unit (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
    • Zero point offset and slope of the electrode are indicated by automatic electrode diagnosis
    • Help message displayed to guide in quick starting with a meter.
    • The 12 parameters in system menu that include calibration points, resolutions, stability conditions, measurement units, etc.
    • All parameters are automatically reset back to factory default options with the help of reset feature.
    • Real time clock stamps stored data to comply GLP standards

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