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The Best Way To Measure The Buckling Strength Of Pet Bottles

For Pet industries, it is very important that the manufacturers provide the best quality of the products to their clients. Most of the PET products are used in food and pharmaceuticals hence it is essential that the manufacturers should provide the best quality of products to the clients so that the items packed in them are completely safe and hygienic. For best quality assurance it is important that the manufacturers use the best available testing instruments and procedure for quality assurance so that the customers are provided the best quality of products.

There is a wide array of testing instruments that are used in PET industries that can be used for quality testing of the products. One such testing instrument is Top load tester. The top load tester is a widely used testing instrument that is meant for testing the compressive strength of the PET bottles and containers. In this test, the bottle is subjected to a compressive load until there is a significant amount of deformation in the bottles. After the deformation of the bottles, the force applied on the bottle is recorded and the compressive strength of the bottle is determined. This testing procedure is very helpful in determining the suitability of PET products for particular applications.

Presto offers highly precise and accurate top load testers which are capable of provided repeatable and stable testing results that can be used for better quality assessment. The instrument is in compliance with the international standards and can be used for international industries.

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