Test the Top Load Strength with Top Load Tester

Test the Top Load Strength with Top Load Tester

Use of PET Products in different Industries

Intensive growth has been seen in PET Industries from last few years in the demand for PET bottles and other PET packaging products in different production verticals mainly in food & beverages, pharmaceuticals and much more. PET products offer significant benefits over the conservative sources of packaging such as paper bags, corrugated boxes, etc. The PET containers are considered as the best source to pack the products such as sauces, jams, juices, cold drinks, without the threat of spillage. The PET products are used on nowadays on a wide scale because they are strong enough as compared to other sources of packaging hence ensured better safety of the products at the time of transportation and storage.

Moreover, the shelf life of the PET products is also very long as they are durable in nature. Therefore, there is no need to think about the spoilage of the content that is placed inside these bottles.

How can the quality of PET products be assured?

Due to day by day increasing demand of the PET products, the manufacturers in PET & Preform industries have to produce these products in large quantity to fulfil the requirements of a large number of customers. In this journey of production in huge quantity, manufacturers sometimes neglect the quality of the products and concentrate on the quantity. This affects the quality of the products that are packed inside and sometimes can lead to  fatal accidents, Therefore; it is essential for the manufacturers to test the quality of the products before offering it to customers and clients. This quality check procedure can be performed easily using high-quality testing machines. These machines are used to measure the properties of the PET bottles such as bursting strength, leakage, top load strength and many more.

How to test the Top Load Strength of PET Bottles?

One of the major test machines which are used in PET and Preform manufacturing industries to test the quality of the products is Top Load Tester. The device is used to test the load and maximum pressure that jars, PET bottles and containers can bear when stacked one above the other at the time of transportation. The instrument is used to measure the compression or burst strength of the PET bottles when continuous forces are applied to the containers from the upper side.

In Top Load Tester, the test sample is placed in Perpendicular jaws of the machine, and continuous load is applied on the sample to compress the containers in a downward direction. The load is implemented to the bottle until it is crushed or deformed. The testing machine is best to analyse the behaviour of the PET containers when it is subjected to a continuous amount of pressure for a specific period of time.