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Make Your Pet Bottles Stronger And Better With Top Load Tester

There is a wide usage of PET bottle in various industries for packaging of a variety of products. These Products need an extreme level of hygiene and safety to remain safe for usage by the consumers.

 This implies that the packaging material that is used for packaging of the products must be of best quality and should be able to provide proper safety and hygiene to the products. The manufacturers of the PET containers need to test the quality of the products before delivering them to the clients so that best quality products are delivered to the clients.

The PET bottles are stacked one upon another during storage and transit. This exerts a high amount of compressive force on the bottles which may cause deformation or breakage of the bottles. It is important to test the strength of the bottle to resist any deformation caused due to a force that is applied from the top of it. A top load tester is a testing equipment that is used for testing this quality of a PET bottle. It gives the accurate amount of force that a PET bottle can bear from the top without any deformation.

Presto is one of the leading manufacturers of top load testers that are used in various industries for testing of PET bottles. The instrument is in compliance with all the international standards and hence can be used for the international market too.

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