Significance of Cupping Testing Machine

Significance of Cupping Testing Machine

The ability of a material to deform before the breakout is counted as ductility. To measure the draw ability of the material especially metal sheets many test methods can be used. But Cupping Test is one of the most reliable tests for an accurate result. This test provides accurate and reliable results on testing of varnish in metal sheets, adhesion, strips, hardness and permeability of coating of paint, etc. It provides results on the bending, scratching, coining drawing, etc. of the metal sheets.

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Working Principle of Cupping Testing Machine

The principle of the Cupping Test for sheet metal is simple as it includes placing the metal sheet in the machine and forcing a hemispherical punch into the sheet until a crack appears. Then the ductility is counted as a function of depth while measuring the depth of the cup. Harder metal will result in lesser depth and fine shape of the cup. On the other hand, a ductile metal will result in a deeper indent with a rough shape of the cup. According to the global standards, the thickness of the metallic sheet is important while performing the cupping test which should be about 1mm.

The working of Cupping Testing is as simple as described in the principle which is discussed below.

•    Firstly, a metallic sheet is clamped and placed between the die.
•    Then a force is applied to the sheet through a cupping punch which deforms the metallic sheet.
•    Punch is moved into the sheet until a crack appears.
•    The measurement of the scale is noticed at the point of cracking and then the sheet is unclamped.

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