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Cupping Machine – Best To Test The Strength Of Metal Products

Metal is the commonly used element which is used in a wide number of applications to produce domestic products as well as industrial goods.  The metals are used as they possess high strength, better malleability and ductility hence, considered as the ideal material for all the manufacturing applications. The metal products are used in the industries where there is an enormous requirement of products that can bear heavy stress, pressure, and load. Therefore, the manufacturer in the metal industry needs to test the quality of metals before commencing the production process and must test the strength and other properties of metal products rigorously using high quality of metal testing instruments.

There are various properties of metals that explain the strength and quality of the metals like tensile strength, hardness property and many more. These properties can be tested efficiently with the help of high-quality of the testing equipment. One of the best testing instruments which are used in metal industries to measure the strength is cupping machine. This device is used to gauge the ductile property of the metals. During the process of testing, the shearing force is provided through the round indenter to the test specimen. This force forms a cup-like structure on one side of the specimen. This cup shape is analyzed to view any types of cracks, and the ductility of the specimens is analyzed. This testing instrument is also used in paint and plating industry to measure the elasticity of the coating on metals.

Presto Stantest offers highly efficient and high-quality of the cupping machine which is used to measure the quality of metal products. To know more visit Presto’s Metal Testing Instruments.

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