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Conduct Cupping Test for Sheet Metal Drawability

Sheet Metal is one of the most utilized material in the metal industry and Metalworking process. They are cut in to various size and shapes to fulfil multiple industry requirements. Their drawability quality is its USP factor. Even in its manufacturing process, sheet metal drawability plays an important role. Manufacturers must conduct Cupping test for sheet metal drawability evaluation prior its use for a defined application.

Cupping test process takes place applying external force on a sheet metal and see till what level it can expand. A specific sized sample of sheet metal is clamped tight in the test equipment. Behind a spherical shaped punch is equipped which is pushed on the metal sheet by applying a pre-defined amount of force. This will generate a cup shaped structure on the sheet which can be measured to inspect the amount of drawability. Although, the process can be performed using any drawability tester but standardization of the equipment is a must.

Cupping Machine designed by Presto, has a global standardization along with various features for a complete hassle-free experience. The equipment complies with IS: 10175 (Part I); 1993 & ISO 8490: 1986, and ISO 1520:2006 test standards. Has a corrosion resistant body. A dial gauge is equipped to measure the level of cupping. Revolving handle to move the punch forward. Brass housing to ensure strong specimen clamping. High accurate results can be achieved using Cupping Machine’s uniform force application technique. Cupping test for sheet metal of up to 1.8 mm thickness can be conducted on the equipment.

The equipment is also capable for conducting test on coating and paint material. Using the same method, the adhesion strength of coated or painted metal components can also be checked. For more information you may read our article on – How to Assess the Physical Properties of Paints and Coatings

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