Section Weight Cutter – Best To Cut The Pet Bottles For Weight Analysis

Section Weight Cutter – Best To Cut The Pet Bottles For Weight Analysis

Section Weight Cutter or Hot Wire PET Bottle Cutter is the cost effective testing machine that provides the best way to cut the PET containers or polyethylene terephthalate containers into appropriate section for weight analysis of each section individually.

How does the Section Weight Cutter Works?

The operator place a sample bottle on the adjustable support of the testing equipment to commence the test procedure. The instrument is provided with heated wires that cut the bottle accurately in appropriate sections. This process helps to weigh each section of the bottles individually to measure the proportion of material distribution in each section of the bottle and to measure the thickness of the bottle appropriately.

Hot Wire PET Bottle Cutter

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Section Weight Cutter to analyze the quality of PET bottles. The Presto’s section weight cutter or hot wire PET bottle cutter comprises of following sections:

  • Steel Scales to Set the Distance between Wires.
  • Two adjustable hot wires to cut the bottle in three sections.
  • Heat Temperature controller to set the temperature of the wires.

The Presto’s section weight cutter allows free hand operation with the user-friendly features to cut the bottles into multiple sections easily. The heated wires cut the containers cleanly without applying any manual force and without deforming the edges or original shape of the bottle. Consult our experts, to know the features of the product.