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Analyze Every Section Of Pet Bottles Accurately With Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

For PET bottles, it is essential that the quality of the bottles is best and high. These bottles are used for packaging of food items and chemical. If the quality of the PET bottles is not best, it might cause leakage of packaged items and also can spoil the quality of the products. For best safety of the products, better quality assurance of the PET bottles is essential by the manufacturers.

A major testing procedure for PET bottles is the section weight analysis. There are three sections in a bottle that are top, Bottom, and cylinder. Section weight analysis is done for ensuring that the weight of every section is according to the requirement otherwise this can alter the balancing capability of the bottle which would be a major quality defect for a PET bottle.


To perform the section weight analysis precisely and accurately, it is important that the different sections of the bottles are cleanly cut without causing any deformation in the original shape of the bottles. For this, a hot wire bottle cutter is used. It consists of three wires that are extremely heated and when they are passed through the bottle, they cut the bottle in to three appropriate sections. With this instrument, there is no deformation in the original shape and size of the bottle.

The hot wire bottle cutter offered by presto is one of the most advanced one available in the market and ensures accurate cutting of bottles for section weight analysis. The instrument is available with complete user manual and a certificate which indicates that the instrument is in adherence with all the international and standards.

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