Give Your Pet Bottles A Firm Balance With Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

Give Your Pet Bottles A Firm Balance With Hot Wire Bottle Cutter

The balancing of PET bottles is a major issue that is faced by the PET bottle industries. The PET bottles have great responsibility providing best level of safety and freshness to the products present within them.

 If the balance of the PET bottles is not appropriate, this can lead to extensive tripping of bottle which is a major threat for the quality of the products. Due to this, the products can easily spillover and cause damage. The manufacturers need to take proper steps to avoid this problem. The PET bottles are used for packaging of critical products mainly such as food items, pharmaceutical products and so forth.

A major cause of bad balance is that the weight of the different sections of the bottle are not in right proportion. This can cause the bottles to trip frequently and easily. The manufacturers can avoid this problem with the help of section weight analysis. The section weight analysis is the procedure in which separate weighing of different sections of the PET bottles is done. This done by cutting the different sections of the bottle and then weighing them individually.

A primary requisite for accurate section weight analysis is to cut the PET bottle in different sections with very accurate dimensions and that also without causing any deformation. This can be done with the help of an effective instrument called hot wire bottle cutter. The instrument is very efficient in providing the best cutting of sections of the test sample without causing any deformation. The instrument cuts the test sample in three different sections namely top, bottom and cylinder.

With the help of a hot wire bottle cutter, the manufacturers can easily ensure the best section weight analysis and best balance of the PET bottles provided to the clients.