Quality Bottle Burst Tester for PET Plastic Bottles

Quality Bottle Burst Tester for PET Plastic Bottles

Quality Bottle Burst Tester for PET Plastic Bottles

Bottle Burst Tester is consistent testing equipment that studies the control of resistance to expand and rupture of PET Bottle. This test is basically performed during the filling process. Presto’s bursting tester is designed with the latest technology and user-friendly techniques. Also, it is available in various models so that one can take as per their business requirement. This testing machine is capable to study or resistance of a bottle to rupture under certain pressure.

The testing equipment is equipped with a touch screen interface with automatic effusion. It has strong metallic clamping that firmly grips the sample. The touch screen displays recorded as well as real-time test data. This machine displays the accurate result of test analysis through the pressure and volume expansion curves. 

Working Module of Bottle Burst Tester

In this process, the air is reproduced to make pressure in order to determine the point of bursting. After setting the test program, the cycle of reproduction starts automatically. The maximum pressure and bursting pressure will be recorded and displayed on the touch screen.

Technical Specification for Bottle Burst Tester by Presto

Presto presents the bottle tester with advanced technology that is user-friendly and complies with international standards. It has

  • Advanced yet convenient operating system.
  • It is equipped with HMI Touch Screen.
  • Graph display for the testing curve.
  • It can show the comprehensive data report after testing.
  • It is available with a pressure holding facility.


  • Applicable for different sized PET Bottles
  • Inbuilt calibration function
  • Available with safety features.
  • Stainless Steel Chamber
  • USB option available for data storage
  • Inbuilt pressure setting through HMI Screen

Choose Presto for Best Business Experience

The company believes in creating a strong and reliable bridge between the producer and the user. Therefore, to maintain this relationship, Presto brings globally certified Lab Testing Instruments. With experience of more than 30 years in manufacturing and marketing of testing machines, the company brings technical advanced yet user-friendly equipment at affordable rates.

Also, the company complies with international standards to provide quality assured machines. The company has been spreading its roots all across the nation and assures you to provide timely delivery. While choosing us as your business partner, you will be assured with training for operating the machines at your doorstep. You will definitely enjoy working with us with many more benefits.

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