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Assess Behaviour of PET Bottle under Increasing Pressure

Plastic bottles and containers are subject to increasing pressure via several ways in which primary reason is carrying pressurized air inside like in soft drinks. In such cases the pressurized air locked inside exert pressure on the walls on the container and if the quality of the bottle material is not good enough it can easily get weakened and burst out leading spilling of inside content. To avoid such product failure, manufacturers must ensure that the material or the final bottle must undergo similar conditions so that the behavior of the container under internal increasing pressure can be checked way before production.

Before introducing the testing solution to you, I would like to discuss some industry concerns regarding weak PET bottle material and internal pressure. Today’s market leader are competing over the quality factors of the plastic containers. This is the only section where one can go beyond the limit and achieve good sales. But lack of quality control in raw material, production process and the behavior checks lead to product failure, dropping reputation, and rejections from customer. The poor quality walls of bottle will easily start expanding, making the walls thinner. These thin walls are not capable of retaining the internal pressure and will for sure burst out. This is majorly true in cases of soft drink bottle kept for long time in storage and in transit. In transportation of the product, the constant movements and jerks are tend to increase, exerting more pressure.

To resolve the quality issues it is first important to see how much pressure your product can take at a defined rate of internal pressure. For this, one can use a precision based Bottle burst tester.  The machine will allow the user to test the Bottle specimen under increasing pressure for a defined time period. The bottle clamping features are well developed and are flexible towards a range of container sizes. The machine is equipped with a microprocessor based digital reading screen. It accurately records the pressure applied and at the point the bottle initiates to buckle. Automated alarm trigger after test completion.

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