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Laminar Air Flow Bench


Presto’s laminar air flow bench is supplied with an HEPA-filtered work area which is popular for a clean air environment which is bacteria and particle free. The machine provides excellent and clean work area for small laboratories that require work-in-progress protection from outside harmful contaminants.

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    • It is equipped with transparent acrylic slide panels made of tough glass.
    • The instrument is equipped with a laminated table top work table with HDPE, washable pre-filters.
    • Blower and motor assembly of the machine are dynamically balanced and spring suspended for vibration and low noise.
    • The machine requires 220 V, 50 Hz, 1 Phase power supply.
    • Filter: HEPA filter
    • Lights: FL Fluorescent Light
    • UV Blacklight (Ultra Violet Black Light)
    • Blower Motor: 1/5 HP
    • Blower Timer: Hrs:min
    • Viewing Area Material: Transparent Plexiglass
    • No. of UV lights: 1
    • No. of FL lights: 1
    • Main Body Material: Steel

    • The cabinet of the machine is finished with thick sun mica clad board.
    • The interior surface of the cabinet is in epoxy paint finish.
    • Side panels are constructed using transparent plexiglass framed finish.
    • The machine comes fitted with fluorescent illuminated lightings at the working area.
    • Equipped with HEPA filter in work area
    • Standardized and controlled lightening conditions
    • Easy to use Menu driven system
    • Wide Viewing Area
    • High Quality Light sources used



    • Electronics
    • Biotech
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Production line ups

2 Reviews of Laminar Air Flow Bench

  1. Mahesh Malhota
    22 Dec, 2015

    Amazing Device to keep the working area in the laboratories neat and clean. Thanks to Presto for offering such an useful device.

  2. Kartik
    30 Dec, 2015

    When you need a complete laminar flow with particulate free environment in your industry or laboratory, there is nothing better than the Presto’s Laminar Air flow Bench.

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