Protect Your Products From Damage During Transportation

Protect Your Products From Damage During Transportation

Protect Your Products From Damage During Transportation

About 11,999 corrugated box manufacturers face the threat of closure because of hike in raw material prices and incapability to pass it on the consumers. The packaging industry is at the huge losses on this count. Around 300 automatic units and greater than 11,999 semi-automatic units are on the verge of closure, according to the resources. The industry employs around 599,999 people giving a production of 5,199,999 tonnes annually of boxes worth Rs 17,999 crore.

Packaging plays a crucial role in product protection during transit and handling. At the time of process for storage and the marketing of their life cycle, there are factors that are to be considered i.e. resisting compressive loads in various directions. A good packaging ensures the safety of the contents inside and against pilferage. It promotes the brand and provides productive packaging.


Edge crush test (ECT) is the best measurement of board properties. In the ECT test, a rectangular sample of the combined board is placed on its edges in a compression tester. The load is exerted to the flutes. The maximum force that a sample can bear without ant failure is measured as edge crush value.

Advantages of ECT are:


  • To evaluate the properties: The ECT is an important test to be conducted to analyse the property of corrugated boxes i.e. box compression strength of cardboard.
  • To conclude the compliance of box with standards: It must be compliant with rules and regulations as per standard.
  • To determine the quality of raw material, material testing is performed. A good quality manufacturing is crucial to manufacturers. In case the grip of the machine is not adequate, there are wide dry finger lines of the material and the board will not get crushed greater than 20%.

Flat crush tester is designed to evaluate the resistance of corrugated paperboard to flute crushing. It is used to measure during determining the amount of pressure exerted at the time of the printing process for corrugated boxes.

In Edge Crush Testera sample is cut from the material and subjected to a top load in the edge down configuration. It provides test results that can be used to determine, that the material can bear the static and dynamic top loading replicating the situation that occurs at the time of warehousing.

Presto manufactures, exports and supplies equipment all over the world. The edge crush test machine is introduced to conduct three types of test i.e. ring crush test, flat crush test and edge crush test. It provides the accurate and consistent result to the customers.