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Pet Preform Strain Viewer – Effective And Reliable

For packaging the various categories of products, the all-time favorite and demanding product is PET bottles. Due to safety and reliability features of PET bottles, they are the recommended for packaging the different types of products. The PET bottles are used in a significant amount, and therefore, the manufacturers has the main issue to improve the quality of this product for the safety of their clients. There must not be any fault or defects in quality of PET preforms. The primary reason for the low quality of PET preforms is the formation of bubbles. To solve this major problem, Presto offers the high-quality Polariscope, strain viewer that is efficient to determine the air bubbles in Preforms in a most accurate way.

Strain Viewer – The Quality Enhancement Machine

Presto manufactures and designs the high-quality testing instruments in Bangladesh that measures the strain in the quality of Preforms efficiently. Reflecting polarized light on the sample allows easy detection of defects in the quality of Preform. The testing equipment measures the slight difference in the material distribution with the little variation in the refractive index of the Preform. All modern technologies and developed features are applied to the device that provides better performance, excellent quality, and accurate results.

Presto manufactures the Strain Viewer for Bangladesh, with the high quality of PET Preforms. Quality defects and faults in Preform such as strain-induced crystallization, non-uniform strain distribution, etc. can be determined by using the polarized light. Call our experts for additional information on the testing instruments, Bangladesh.

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