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Tensile Testing Machine Digital Cum Computerized Model

TTM-S (as per capacity)

Presto’s Tensile Testing machine, digital cum computerized model is a highly versatile machine for checking the tensile strength of raw materials and end products. It has a single column vertical movement on low friction ball screws.

These testing machines are equipped with latest technology based resources to apply an array of tensile strength. The machine is duly equipped with two jaws namely upper jaw and lower jaw. To operate the machine, the upper jaw is set to be fixed while the lower one can be moved at nominated speed with the help of a motor. The test sampling is actually held between these two jaws. Here, the lower jaw is installed actually to move in order to estimate the tensile strength of the material.

The motor is outfitted with a gearbox and with a lead screw arrangement. The testing instrument is also equipped with a special sensor attached to a load cell. The sensor is proficient in judging the force applied on the motionless jaw which ultimately indicates the reading in kilograms.

There are some unique hardened lead screws which ensure durability and stability. The stress load tester is equipped with CE standard electrical wirings and a standard motor.  The modular creation of the Presto’s Tensile tester ensures problem-free maintenance and effortless operation.

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    • The machine is available with the capacity up to 1000 kilogram force.
    • The instrument provides the least count of 500 grams.
    • The testing machine offers two displays namely, Computer Display and Digital Display.
    • The instrument offers the accuracy of 2% of the Load Cell capacity.
    • The instrument has Universal ‘S’ Type load sensor.
    • The model provides the travel length between the grips of 25mm – 700mm.


    • Fully Computerized Model is also available.
    • The speed of AC drives with 50 to 500 mm per minute variable.
    • Computer & Printer are not included in the offer.

    **Computer & Printer are not included in the offer.

    • The Graphical representation depicts Force Vs Time.
    • 10 Sample Reports can be seen at a time on a single report and can be saved on the desktop for future access.
    • Reports can further be E-mailed.
    • Data can be recorded in a spreadsheet.
    • Company details can be recorded on the report.
    • Pass/Fail criteria can be programmed.

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