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Laboratory Heat Sealer


Heat Sealer is used to check the heat seal performance of plastic packaging films or sheets. Suitable for testing thermoplastic material, composite films, plastic films such as PP, PE etc. It is renowned for maintaining quality of packaging films in various industries. It can deliver similar environment of sealing using controlled amount of heat and pressure on the specimen. It precisely joins two sealing end of the sample applying input parameters. Parameters such as heat, pressure and temperature. Uses fully pneumatic force application which leaves no space for errors. Equipped with two standard designed jaws, upper and lower jaws. Both of them can be heated separately using different controllers. Also one jaw can be switched off while the other is in use.

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    • Working temperature used can be from Ambient to 350°
    • The Sealing Temperature used can be from Ambient to 230°
    • Uses a 4 digit PID Temperature Controller.
    • Dwell Heat Sealing time ranges from 0.1 – 99.9 sec.
    • Has a 3 Digit Digitalized Timer for keeping a track of test duration.
    • Equipped with a Pt-100, Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Sensor.
    • Can apply a Sealing Pressure of 6 Bar.

    • Digital Display screen based upon advanced Microprocessor program.
    • User can ensure highly accurate test results under pneumatic pressure control.
    • Stronger and high quality heating jaws for long run performance.
    • EN 31 hard and temper sealing jaw material used.
    • Uses Guide rod mechanism for delivering efficient control on sealing process.
    • Temperature can be separately adjusted for upper & lower jaws.

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