A Perfect Tool To Measure The Balancing Quality Of Pet Bottles

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter – A Perfect Tool To Measure The Balancing Quality Of Pet Bottles

PET bottles are widely used in numerous industries for various purposes. These bottles are used for storage and packaging purposes of different materials like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, edible items, chemicals and many more.

These products are used on a large scale as it can be molded into any shape and size easily. Moreover, the PET products are non-reactive to any type of chemical which makes these products ideal for storing any kind of chemical or liquid product.

Major factor that affects the quality of the PET Bottles

The products are packed in PET bottles for best protection. Hence, it is mandatory to make sure that the quality of the bottles that are delivered to the customers is of quality. The several factors that contribute to affect the quality of the PET products are leakage, balancing, compression, perpendicularity and many more. One of the major tests which are conducted on the PET bottles to test the factors of the PET products is Section Weight Analysis. The section weight analysis of the plastic bottles is performed to analyze the uniform distribution of weight in all the sections of the bottles as per their shape and diameter. To get the best result from section weight analysis test, it is mandatory to cut the bottles into equal sections of standard size i.e. top, cylinder and bottom without damaging the edges of the bottle and without deforming the actual shape of the bottle. To check the range of testing instrument to test the quality of PET products, consult our experts.

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter – Best for Section Weight Analysis

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter is an ideal and best testing instrument which is used in PET products manufacturing industries to cut the bottle in three sections to judge the balancing quality of the bottle. It is the best and widely used device which appropriately cuts the bottle without deforming the quality of the bottles. The testing device is provided with a digital temperature controller which efficiently controls the temperature and perfectly cut the bottles in parts.

Presto Stantest, one of the leading Hot Wire Bottle Cutter manufacturers, offer the best quality of PET & Preform testing instruments. The testing device offers highly reliable and accurate test results and helps to enhance the balancing quality of the PET products.