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GSM Round Cutter


Presto’s round cutter is mainly used for precise circular cutting to check the grammage of samples. The cutter cut out the specimen of 100 cm2, which is exactly equals to 1/100th of a square meter accurately and rapidly. The result is in grams when multiplied by 100 gives the GSM directly, i.e. gram per square meter. So we can say that,

GSM = Sample Weight in Grams x 100

GSM round cutter is equipped with 4 knives. By rotating the knob quarter a turn, the cutter will provide you the sample of 100 cm2.

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To operate the instrument, place a piece of specimen between the cutting board and sample cutter. Now release the safety catch and exert light pressure on the hand wheel. To cut the specimen in accurate shape and size, rotate in clock-wise direction with light and even pressure. This will help you to get the circular sample with smooth edges.

    • Standard size of the cut is circular.
    • The cutter cut the specimen of area 100 centimeter square and diameter 113 mm.
    • The cutter has 4 stainless steel blade holders.
    • It has heavy duty reversible blades.
    • 4 blades are provided with the machine.
    • It is equipped with a safety lock made up of fine brass.
    • It has special backelite handle.
    • The machine is incorporated with rubber-form pad.

    • The body is made up of aluminum casting for flexibility and light weight.
    • It provides round shape cutting.
    • Machine has 4 replaceable German Blades.
    • ¼ rounds movement of hand wheel to cut the specimen.

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