Measure The Resilience Strength Of Rubbers To Bear Shock

Measure The Resilience Strength Of Rubbers To Bear Shock

What is Resilience Strength?

Measuring the resilience ability of the materials to bear various impact forces and shocks is the major property of rubbers. It is the best strategy that helps to measure the impact elasticity of the solid elastomers and rubbers. It is measured by measuring the height of rebound of the standard needle when it is dropped from a particular height on the surface of the rubber sample which is kept under the test. The testing machine is built on the solid metallic base to gather the results efficiently.

How the Resilience strength of the Rubber Products can be measured?

The resilience strength of the rubbers can be tested with the help of high quality of  Rebound Resilience Tester, which is used to measure the strength of elastomers, rubbers and other products that can bear the impact forces and shocks. The resilience or elasticity of the materials is determined by the efficiency of the products to bear shock and to measure its strength that cab reduces the effect of these shocks and forces by its own. Assessing the elasticity of a rubber material is a major property that measures the durability of the product. The testing machine works on the procedure to compute the maximum height of rebound of the standard needle.

Resilience Tester by Presto – For Measurement of Elasticity

Presto Stantest offers a wide assortment of rubber testing instruments out of which rebound resilience tester is used to measure the quality of elasticity and resilience of rubber and elastomers to shocks and forces. The device is assembled as per the standards that are introduced by national and international standardization authorities. For more information on the testing machine, visit: