Why is Abrasion Testing Necessary for Rubbers?

Why is Abrasion Testing Necessary for Rubbers?

Rubber is very versatile, elastic and widely used materials in all production verticals due to the various properties that it possesses. Rubber is used for manufacturing the domestic product, industrial products, accessories, toys, etc. Rubber is obtained from the plants, but the rubber material which is extracted from the plants is not suitable as it is very soft in nature which can’t be moulded into any shape or size and neither can it be used for industrial applications. In order to make the natural rubber useful, the material is made hard using the process of vulcanization.

What is vulcanization and how it is performed?

Vulcanization is the process which makes the natural rubber hard. The process of vulcanization involves the change in the chemical composition and molecular structure. To make the rubber hard, sulphur is added to the natural rubber.

Use of Rubbers

This process helps to make the rubber a useful material for various industrial applications such as seals, gaskets, machine components, industrial goods and so on. Rubbers are also used to make various automotive components, tires, footwear, toys, domestic products and many more. As all the products that are manufactured using rubber are highly critical in nature and used for important application, it is compulsory for the manufacturers to test the quality of the rubbers first before using it for the production purposes.

Testing Procedure for Rubbers

The testing is performed on the rubbers to ensure that the product could survive for a long period before it fails and to offer high-quality of products to the customers. This is possible only when high-quality testing machines are used to assure the quality of the rubbers. There are numerous properties of rubbers that help the manufacturers in concluding that the rubber is best in terms of quality. These properties are a tensile test, abrasion resistance strength, the effect of ecological conditions, the colour quality of rubbers, and many more. These properties can be tested using high-quality testing instruments such as Tensile Testing Machine, Din Abrasion Tester, Hot Air Oven, etc.

Abrasion – Key Concern of Rubber Deterioration

Abrasion is a major factor that degrades the quality of the materials such as rubbers, ceramics, coating, metals and much more. The abrasion of the rubbers can be tested using high-quality testing techniques such as Rubber Abrasion Resistance testing.

The testing method helps the users to relate the original sample with the sample after the test to judge the actual life of the product. The test is also used to ascertain the life of the materials and its coatings when they are subjected to continuous abrasion.  The major objective of the test is to rank the resistance of the rubbers to scratching or abrasion under some specific conditions. This can be done effectively with Din Abrasion Tester.

DIN Abrasion Testers


DIN Abrasion tester is an ideal test machine which is used to test the abrasion resistance strength of the rubbers easily and effectively. The testing instrument is used to test the quality vulcanised rubbers, thermosetting plastics, and much more to ensure the best quality of the materials and products. To provide an abrasive surface to the material, an abrasive material is provided on the machine, first of all, the weight of the sample is taken, and the abrasive material is then rubbed against the test sample to assess the abrasion resistance strength of the sample during the test procedure.

Once the test using DIN Abrasion Tester is completed, the weight of the sample is again measured to determine the actual loss of sample due to abrasion. This percentage of loss helps to measure the abrasion resistance strength of the materials.

Din Abrasion Tester by Presto

After analysing the abrasion testing requirements of the manufacturers in rubber industries, Presto manufactured and introduced a highly effective DIN Abrasion Tester. The test device is intended as per the standards which are announced by various regulatory authorities.   Hence offers highly accurate and reliable test results. The testing machine is provided with a long lasting abrasive material which helps to perform the abrasion test easily. The abrasion conditions of time, distance, no. of strokes, speed, etc. can be adjusted easily using the adjusting screws that are provided with the device. The test machine strictly complies with the IS 3400 (Part 3) – 2012: Methods of Test for Vulcanized Rubbers Part 3: Abrasion.

Specifications & Key Features of DIN Abrasion Tester


  • The testing machine is designed to exert 5N to 10 N on the sample as per the test requirements.
  • The device is provided with user-friendly controls which can be operated easily by a layman with no special efforts.
  • The cylinder is automatically stopped as it is provided with an automatic electric lock & safety switch.
  • The special unlocking mechanism is provided to replace the abrasive material.
  • A special & standard die holder is provided to hold the sample.

How to buy high-quality of Din Abrasion Tester?

If you are looking for best and high-quality DIN Abrasion Tester, always look for a reputed manufacturer who deals in manufacturing high-quality and standardised testing machine. Presto Stantest is the well-known and biggest name in the world of the testing machine. To check the complete range of testing machines, contact our experts