Inspect The Seal Integrity Of Bottles By Providing Vacuum Pressure

Inspect The Seal Integrity Of Bottles By Providing Vacuum Pressure

Bottles By Providing Vacuum Pressure

Vacuum Leak is the primary method for the inspection of Preforms and PET containers including seal integrity testing or the testing of the containers integrity. Vacuum Leak Tester can also be used for testing empty containers that require a minimum vacuum level. It is an ideal and highly required testing instrument which is used to test the integrity of the plastic pouches with the high-value pressure and vacuum. The device is designed and assembled keeping in mind the various standard test methods that are introduced by standardization authorities to test the integrity of bottles and containers.

Technical Specifications of Vacuum Leak Tester

Below mentioned are the specification of vacuum leak tester that are provided as per the standards to ensure the accuracy of the results.

  • The instrument is designed with the digital timer that helps to set the test time accurately.
  • The different sizes of desiccators are provided with the machine that helps the user to test different sizes of samples with the single instruments.
  • The desiccator of the device is supplied with the pressure release mechanism that is used to release the excess pressure.
  • The pressure release valve & pressure gauge are also fitted with the instrument that is best enough to control and monitor the pressure in the desiccator.
  • It is the best testing machine to create a broad range of pressure valves that differ from 0 to 600mm of hg.
  • The machine is capable enough to offer the least count of 1mm of hg.

Presto offers high quality of Vacuum Leak Tester. The instrument offers highly accurate test results.