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Provide Leakage-Free Pet Product To Clients With Vacuum Leak Tester

Packaging is a major aspect of quality of different products produced in industries. Every product must be provided an efficient packaging which could provide the best level of safety to the products and keep them protected from external contamination from dust, pollution and save them from spillage as well. 

The most widely packaging materials include plastic bags and PET bottles and containers. If the quality of the packaging used for particular products is not of the best quality, there are very high chances that the product suffer a lot of damage during the process of transportation and storage.

For best quality assurance of the packaging of products, it is essential for the manufacturers to test the integrity of the PET containers and bottles. The vacuum leak tester is an important and widely used testing equipment that is used for testing the integrity of the PET bottles with the help of a high-pressure vacuum. The device is highly efficient in providing an accurate analysis of the quality of the PET products and ensures that the PET bottles being tested are completely intact and free from any leakage.

Presto is a major manufacturer and supplier of vacuum leak tester that are mainly used in the PET and preform industries for testing the integrity and intactness of the PET products. The instruments are efficient in providing stable and repeatable operation with accurate testing data. The device is manufactured and designed according to the guidelines prescribed by various standardization authorities. The instrument comes complete along with an instruction guide and a conformance certificate.

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