How to Measure the Presence of Ash Content in Rubbers?

How to Measure the Presence of Ash Content in Rubbers?

Measuring the properties of rubbers is the major task to access the quality of the materials. One of the major properties is the percentage of ash content in rubber. The ash content property in rubbers can be determined by treating the rubber sample at a specific temperature and time. Along with this, setting accurate time and the temperature is also mandatory to treat the rubbers and to measure the actual percentage of ash in the materials. This can be done easily using high-quality of testing machines.

Muffle Furnace – Best for Ash Content Determination

Muffle Furnace is an oven type testing machine which can easily attain the high temperature of 900 degree to 1200 degree Celsius. The testing device is used to burn off particular types of compounds. For example, an absolute determination of the inorganic components with an object, a muffle furnace can be utilized to burn off all the organic material that is always up to 900 degree Celsius. The working procedure of the muffle furnace auto-ignite the organic materials due to high temperatures.

The testing machine is suitable to determine the ash content of polymers exactly and appropriately. The testing device is manufactured strictly as per the guidelines of the national and international standard, and from last so many years, it has been considered as the best test chamber that can create high temperatures. The testing instrument is completely insulated with fire bricks and imported insulation. The muffle furnace is designed with user-friendly controls that help the users to operate the device with convenience and comfortably.

Standardized Procedure to Operate Muffle Furnace

  • To operate the machine, first of all, connect the single phase power supply to muffle furnace.
  • To start the machine, find and press the start button on the machine which is provided on the control panel. After turning the machine to ON or start, set the temperature of the machine and stabilise it for few minutes.
  • Now place the crucible inside the chamber and preheat the crucible to remove any sorts of moisture from it say at 800 degree Celsius for 20 -25 minutes. Now take out the crucible and place it in cool place.
  • Take the weight of both empty crucible and test sample separately and then together.
  • Place the crucible in the furnace and set the desired temperature and time. After the process is complete, leave the crucible to cool down at room temperature. After that, reweight the sample along with the crucible and calculate the percentage of ash content accordingly.