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Know Everything About Your Products And Materials With Muffle Furnace

The plastic is a versatile and useful material that is used for a variety of applications in the industrial and domestic fields.

The quality of plastic material has significant effect on the products hence it is important for the manufacturers of the plastic products to make sure to test the quality of the plastic material rigorously as well as products are that only the best quality of products is provided to the customers. There are many quality testing procedures that are used for quality assessment of the plastic products.

To ensure the best quality of a material, it is important to have complete information on the chemical composition and physical properties of that material. The muffle furnace is one such testing instrument that is used in plastic industries for testing the ash content of a material. It is used for commencing thermo-chemical combustion to evaluate the ash content of the material. The ash content gives valuable insight into the chemical composition and physical structure of the products which eventually gives the accurate evaluation of the quality of the products.  The muffle furnace is a closed chamber type testing equipment which is used for creating high temperatures up to 1200 0C to turn the test sample into ashes completely.

Presto is a leading manufacturer of muffle furnace that are widely used in a variety of industries. The testing instrument is efficient and accurate and adheres to all the essential standards set by various standardization authorities.

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