Pre-Treatment of Plain Carbon Steel using Muffle Furnace

Pre-Treatment of Plain Carbon Steel using Muffle Furnace

Plain carbon steels are preferred by many industries due to its low cost and easy fabrication. Their major alloying element is carbon, and which is why it is often categorized depending on the carbon content. Steels with carbon content ranging from 0.25% to 0.65% are stated as medium carbon, while those with carbon up to 0.25% are known to be low carbon. High carbon steels usually have a carbon content which ranges from 0.65% to 1.5%. For testing various properties of this metal and to categorize it on the basis of its carbon content, a high-temperature Muffle Furnace is used in several industries for pre-treatment.

Medium carbon steel specimen is heated between 900?C – 980?C and soaked for 45 minutes in a muffle furnace prior to its quenching in water. Post this the mechanical behavior of the samples is evaluated utilizing a universal tensile testing machine for hardness testing.

What is Muffle Furnace?

It is a type of furnace which provides high-temperature heat to the sample while keeping it in an isolated chamber and delivering a contaminant-free environment. It is a box type structure and allows sample loading from the front. These type of instruments are very heavily insulated which helps in heat loss during the test. This feature permits a long run time at temperatures up to 1400°C. It usually functions by putting a high-temperature heating coil in an insulating material which effectively acts as a muffle, and prevents the heat from escaping.

Presto’s muffle furnace is utilized for various application including pre-treatment of plain carbon steel prior to its tensile testing, ash content analysis etc. The instrument is fabricated as per the IS and ASTM testing standards. It is widely used and trusted in fields like agriculture, metal treatment, medical research, agricultural, rubber and wool industries. It is applied in growing fields of medical research, agricultural, industrial, metal treatment, ash determination & wool industries.

Along with a compact design, it also offers user-friendly operations and satisfying testing experience. You just need to set your desired process parameters such as temperature, time etc. and the equipment will automatically heat and control the furnace. The furnace models we offer are shielded with thermal efficient products for energy and cost-saving operations.

USP we deliver:

  • Temperature sensing through J-type sensor for accurate control over the process.
  • Uniform temperature flow ensured inside the chamber.
  • Auto tuning PID Control for Temperature.
  • Equipped with high-grade density imported glass wool blanket insulation.
  • SSR based heaters.

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