How to Conduct Compression Test of Corrugated Shipping Box?

How to Conduct Compression Test of Corrugated Shipping Box?

Compression Test of Corrugated Shipping

It has been noticed often that while shipping, the corrugated boxes are kept one above other and during that time, each box takes up a different level of load. Especially the one at the base. Compression test plays an important role in the corrugated box industry. It ensures the box which is used for shipping must be capable of withstanding compression load. Therefore, it is important to perform a Compression test of the corrugated shipping box. Leading Courier Brands, trust standardized and accurately tested corrugated boxes. Every company want to load as more as product boxes on one go but that can be possible with higher compression strength. Key to achieving such quality box is Box Compression Tester.


Box Compression Test Machine – Digital Model is used for conducting a Compression test of the corrugated shipping box. It can evaluate the peak level of compression force at which the box starts buckling or get compressed completely. The test is vital in Quality Control of corrugated boxes. By practising the test, on the production unit, one can check and improve the compressive strength of the box. It assures that the specimen have enough strength to resist buckling load while storage, or while shipping. The test puts a vertical load on the box and very accurately and uniformly exert pressure on the top surface, to the point it buckles.


Box Compression Tester design follow all required testing standard such as ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 12048, and JIS Z0212. It can detect the even minute amount of buckling load which can be experienced by the shipping box. Equipped with a Microprocessor-based display for test results read out. The display screen is featured with Bright LED light for more clear vision. Precisely designed load sensor install on the compression plate to assure uniform force exertion on the specimen. Such setup is considered best for Compression test of the corrugated shipping box. The operator can have Tare and peak value from the test. For safety measures, over travel protection is given. The entire Box Compression Tester structure is robust and plated with corrosion resistant coat.

With such quality standard instrument one must assure improved production and more customers on the list. You may also read our article on Importance of Corrugated Box Compression Testing for more information.