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Compress Your Boxes To Enhance The Quality

The corrugated box is a major product that is used for packaging of industrial goods and products for transportation, delivery and storage. The corrugated boxes are best suited for packaging of a variety of products and goods as they can easily bear the heavy weight and can resist the penetration of liquid to a significant level. The parallel flutes cavities present in the corrugated boxes gives them extra strength and resistance.  This is not possible without proper quality testing of the corrugated boxes.

When the boxes are used for transportation or warehousing, the boxes are stacked on one another. This put a high amount of compressive force on the lowest layer of the box. This can also burst or damage the boxes to a great extent. To prevent this, the corrugated boxes need to be tested for their compression strength. This strength is determined by using a testing instrument called box compression tester. The box compression tester compresses the box and analyses the maximum amount of compressive force that a box can bear without experiencing any deformation or damage.

Presto is one of the finest box compression tester manufacturers in the country offering the best quality of testing instruments to the packaging industry. The instrument is manufactured and designed by highly skilled engineers and technocrats and conform to all the standards set by standardization authorities. For more information, refer to box compression tester.

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