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When performing a compression test, there are many divergent forces applied to the test specimen that push the specimen in the inward direction until the point when the sample is crushed, flattened or compressed. The test is performed by placing the test specimen is placed between the two plates which apply the crushing force on the two opposite faces of the sample. Once the specimen is placed properly, the plates are moved towards each other, exerting a high force on the sample. Their force is continuously applied on the sample until the sample is completely crushed and compressed. Mostly, the test specimens shorten in the direction of application of force and expand in its perpendicular direction. .

Objectives of Compression Test:
The main objective of the test is to find out the behavior of a material while it is subjected to a compressive weight while the elementary variables like stress, deformation and strain are accurately measured. When you firmly test the specimen, you can also find out other factors such as elastic modulus, compressive strength, elastic limit and yield strength of the material. Once you determine these values, you can easily decide whether the material is suitable for a particular usage.

Compression Tests types:
The compression test is performed using two opposite forces to compress the materials from two opposite faces. This is the reason, that there are many different variations of the test used in different combinations of variables. The most common test that uses compression is the test that involves force applied to more than one axis of the specimen. Additionally, variable temperatures are also used for the compression tests according to the requirements of the test. Some other common examples of variations of compression test are creeping, fatigue, Cold temperature and bi-axial.

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