Significance of Box Compression Tester in Packaging Industry

Significance of Box Compression Tester in Packaging Industry

In the paper and packaging Industry, Box Compression Strength Tester plays an important role as it denotes the quality of the product it is carrying inside it. This testing instrument is designed to test the compressive strength of the corrugated box, or packages and containers.

It is commonly used to measure the strength and compression resistance of shipping containers that are made of corrugated fiberboard. Before proceeding with the test, it becomes necessary to use the quality-assured, and reliable testing machine. While searching for that, Presto is the name you can trust upon.

Features Highlighting Box Compression Tester by Presto

Presto comes up with unique testing solutions for the paper and packaging industries. The testing instruments at Presto are manufactured with state-of-art facility following the global methods. Hence, they provide accurate and precise results while performing the tests. Here are some features highlighting Box Compression Tester by Presto.

  • It works on the Motor system to maintain the accuracy and stability of test speed.
  • The testing process is automatic as it is equipped with a Micro-processor system.
  • Dynamic digital-display of the test number for real-time load and initial load and specimen deformation, etc.
  • Overload protection, maximum stroke protection, and error alert for safe test operation
  • It has load sensors and a safety limit switch with a manual lock.
  • It is equipped with a micro printer that is convenient for the printing of testing data records.

Choose Presto for Lab Testing Instruments?

Presto is well recognized for providing a one-stop solution for complete quality control lab testing equipment. We strive to facilitate our customers through expert support while testing the integrity and quality of their packaging material. Here are some points expressing, why presto is best among others.

  • The company has a niche in manufacturing and supplying a number of testing instruments.
  • The testing instruments are available with global certification that shows they have premium quality.
  • All the technical machines are available with well-designed structures that are easy to use and maintain.
  • The company avails the testing instruments with a customized approach. Meaning thereby, you can get the customized version of the testing instrument as per your business and space requirement.
  • All the machines are available at a cost-effective and competitive price.
  • The company avails the support and maintenance facility to its clients.

At Presto, customer satisfaction is a prime focus. Therefore, the company works on an ethical module for long-lasting business relationships. For any assistance in Box Compression Tester, contact us at +91 9210  903  903 or you can mail us your query at