Box Compression Testing-Highly Effective box compression tester

Importance Of Corrugated Box Compression Testing With Highly Effective Box Compression Tester

Receiving your product in a good packaging always give you a pleasant feeling. Good quality packaging is always in demand. A good packaging product attracts the customer to open the box and to see the product. However, the poor packaging could have a wrong impression. It is the challenge for the packaging industries to make good quality products that are up to the customer’s satisfaction. It is important to know the quality of primary raw material used for the packaging. Most of the industries use corrugated boxes for packaging purpose, and there is always the risk of box compression during heavy loading. The products inside boxes could be damaged due to the compression, and that is the main issue need to be considered by every packaging industry.

Perform Compression Test for Best Packaging


Following the proper method of Corrugated Box Compression Testing is necessary to save the quality of the materials. Corrugated boxes are highly efficient and safest source to pack the products. However, during storage, box compression is a major problem due to the heavy load and there is a risk of damaging the products inside. The box compression tester can determine maximum compression that a box can tolerate and save the boxes from damage at the time of transportation.

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