How does the humidity chamber work?

How does humidity chamber works?

Testing the humidity of materials is an important part of quality control. From ensuring that workers are safe and comfortable in a factory to maintaining quality control for products, testing the humidity levels of materials can have a significant impact on determining product quality. Thus, we at Presto have designed a highly standardized lab testing instrument known as a humidity test chamberThis is one of the high-quality lab testing equipment that is used to assess the physical characteristics of the materials in relative humidity. Presto’s humidity test chambers can aid reliable testing by subjecting various products to environmental extremes like humidity, and temperature. In this blog post, we’ll explore the need of testing the humidity of materials and how it can benefit you. We will also discuss how humidity chambers work.

Importance of testing the humidity of the products

When it comes to testing different aspects of the materials, humidity is considered to be one of the most important factors to be considered. Materials like rubber, cartons, plastic sheets, rigid plastics, metals, painted metals, coated metals, and other related materials needed to be tested in relative humidity to test the change in their physical characteristics.

Thus, to make it easy for manufacturers of different industries, to test the humidity of products, we at Presto have designed a high-quality humidity testing chamber that will quickly test the change in the physical characteristics of the product and provide quick temperature change and humidity conditions required for analyzing the effects of ecological changes on the product.

This humidity testing chamber will provide the best protection against the destruction of objects.

Now, let us discuss briefly the Presto humidity testing chamber.

All about Presto humidity testing chamber

We all know that the presence of humidity can affect product quality. This will destroy the product's reputation in the market. Thus, with the use of the Presto humidity testing chamber, one can easily test the relative humidity of the materials that will be required for analyzing the effects of ecological changes on the product. This conditioning test chamber will test the material properties at different temperatures and ensure that quality products will be delivered to the customers.

You can effectively make use of this testing machine for different industries like textile, fabric, metal, etc. The temperature and humidity are two parameters that will lead to the failure of the product. Thus, you need to qualify these factors so that there will be no effect of the temperature and humidity on the product. This lab testing instrument has been designed with the high-end features that we have mentioned below.

Features of Presto humidity test chamber

Testing the humidity of materials is an important step in ensuring that products and environments remain safe, comfortable, and suitable for use. It can help protect against getting deteriorated. Now, let us discuss brief information about the features of this quality lab testing equipment.

  • The testing instrument is equipped with the Digital Controller for the measurement of accurate temperature and proper humidity control.

  • The chamber is equipped with a humidity sensor for accurate results.

  • Touch-sensitive controls for ergonomic relief.

  • It requires low maintenance costs.

  • Temperature controls through PT-100 sensor

  • Alarm system with buzz sound at the test end process

  • Highly accurate test results under uniform temperatures and humidity levels in the chamber

  • Digital Control for Humidity and Temperature

  • High Grade imported Glass Wool insulation

  • Maximum Thermal Efficiency by insulation means.

  • SSR-based heaters

  • Digital Preset timer with LED Display

  • Inbuilt Auto tuning function

  • Water Level Indicator

  • Equipped with a rapid air circulation fan for uniform and homogenous heating, cooling, humidity, dehumidifying inside the chamber

  • Inbuilt Calibration features with reference to the master PID controller

  • Setting to RTD PT-100 sensors through advanced PID controller

  • Auto-stop feature to stop the machine at a set time

  • Time totalizer to calculate the no. of Hours run by the instrument

Technical Specifications of Presto perforation strength tester

  • The inner body of the chamber is made up of Stainless Steel and the outer body is of Mild Steel duly powder coated.

  • The inner dimension of the laboratory instrument is 18” x18” x 28”. (Other Sizes on Request)

  • The temperature range can be set from Ambient to 65 Degrees Celsius.

  • Ambient to 95 % humidity can be maintained in the chamber with an accuracy of +2% RH.

  • The temperature range can be set from Ambient to 65°C (± 3°C)

With these high-end features and technical specifications, one can easily conduct humidity tests on the materials and ensure quality products are delivered. You can easily conduct free sample testing sessions for the use of this testing equipment by giving us a call at +91-9210903903 or emailing us at Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and queries.