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Humidity Test for Paint Quality Control

Water can become the reason behind paint degradation, so information of how a coating layer opposes water is useful for surveying how it will perform in real- life administration. Test Failures with 100 percent relative humid conditions might be caused by various variables incorporating a quality lack in the paint itself, defilement of the substrate, or insufficient surface planning. This Humidity test for paint using Humidity Chamber is hence helpful for assessing coatings quality. Tests at 100 % relative humid conditions are utilized for determination acknowledgment, quality control, and research process for coatings and substrate both.

A few tests are utilized for a pass or fail assurance at a discretionary time. An entire coating system is considered to pass if there is no confirmation of water-related disappointment after a timeframe.

The testing chamber is a standardized test cabinet intended to generate temperature and relative humid conditions inside the chamber to identify the changes appearing in the physical qualities of material and to discover the genuine working conditions of testing specimen. It follows measures by ASTM D1776, ASTM D1776M-15, and BS950 Part-1(D65). Temperature detecting through PT-100 sensor. Alert system with buzz sound at test end process.

Exceptionally accurate test results under uniform temperatures and moistness levels in the chamber. Advanced Control for Humidity and Temperature. High Grade imported PUF insulated material used. Greatest Thermal Efficiency delivered. SSR based heating units. Digitalized Pre-set clock with LED Display. In-house Auto tuning capacity. Water Level Indicator available. Outfitted with quick air circulator fans imported from German for uniform and homogenous heating, cooling, moistness, de-humidity conditions inside the chamber. Inbuilt Calibration with reference to ace PID controller. Setting to RTD PT-100 sensor through cutting edge PID controller. Auto stop feature to stop machine at set time. Time totalizer to figure the no. of Hours the machine kept running.

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